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Will require some work to prep them for use with the Mini Delta. - [3D CAM] 3 PCS NTC3950 Thermistors for RepRap 3D Printer Extruder or Heated Bed pre-wired with Teflon Insulated Wiring
NOTE: Wired - No female pin connector NOTE: Wired - With female 2 pin connector (connector may not be the correct size but can be cut off)


The hotend and heat bed thermistor are both 100K NTC resistor with beta 3950.

M561 - Change thermistor type

Using the custom G-code command M561 the thermistor type can be changed for the hotend and heat bed.
See the Extended G-code Table page for instructions on how to use custom G-code command M561 - Change thermistor type (Hotend and/or Heat bed)

Type P0 = Default or EPCOS 100K

EPCOS 100K Thermistors B57540G0104F000, B57560G104F, and B57560G1104F have similar Beta values compared to the stocks Beta value of 3950. Because of this you can use any of them as replacement thermistors. Use the stock thermistor setting of Type P0.

Type P1 = 104GT-2 or 104NT-4-R025H42G

Characteristics of 104GT-2 and 104NT-4-R025H42G are nearly identical. Type P1 is used for either thermistor.

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